Artificial Intelligence Law

About the forthcoming casebook by Margot Kaminski, Paul Ohm, and Andrew Selbst, and other occasional musings.
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Image credit: Paul Ohm, assisted by DALL-E, 2024

Our Starting Point (Table of Contents)

The starting point for our casebook is the draft Paul created when he taught AI & Law for the first time in Fall 2023. This version did not have the benefit of Margot’s and Andrew’s full input, and it’s full of choices that Paul will do differently the next time he teaches. Still, we’d like to share some of this to lend a hand to the dozens of law professors and hundreds of students gearing up for a class in AI Law this semester....

January 12, 2024

About the Book

The casebook originated in Paul Ohm’s AI Law course at Georgetown Law in Fall 2023. The book has three co-authors: Margot Kaminski, Professor of Law, University of Colorado Law School Paul Ohm, Professor of Law, Georgetown University Law Center Andrew Selbst, Assistant Professor of Law, UCLA School of Law We start from the premise that the field of AI Law is sufficiently well-developed to justify a fully fleshed out casebook that can be used in doctrinal, lecture-style classes, with a final exam at the end....

January 11, 2024

Hello World

Hello, world!

January 11, 2024